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Episode 20: Rae
tag list: intelligence series
10.07.2011 16:25
by  Ascimator

10.07.2011 16:41
by  Ascimator

When you end that, you should make a series in Flash.
10.07.2011 17:28
by  AweAndWonder

:'(  Never would have expected it.  It's sad.

I wonder what will happen next...?

Oh, and
10.07.2011 17:54
by  Zeus guy

10.07.2011 18:49
by  Gameinsky

That's the second twist in the stories, I really don't see how it could be continued
this is so sad :(
10.07.2011 19:03
by  AweAndWonder

Yes, it is very sad.  :(
10.07.2011 19:06
by  Gameinsky

Oh wait! I know what Ratfink is planning!
I know what he did there!
He purposely ignored it!
I'm sure that it will set things straight!
11.07.2011 08:10
by  sepehrnoor

Another episode, but it's sad.
11.07.2011 10:24
by  kelleroid

Why the fuck did 7G7 even do everything in Intelligence?
04.08.2011 15:00
by  -7

Cos someone has to be one of the main characters
27.10.2011 14:41
by  CTDS3

I want to be in Intelligence!
14.11.2011 16:43
by  Gameinsky

the thing I may have found out 4 months ago... I think I was half true...
29.01.2012 16:28
by  CTDS3

Rae's the main caracter. :/ I dont get it
Maybe in episode 21 rat could find a serum from neon-J and use it on rae to make him alive! :))
29.01.2012 16:30
by  CTDS3

wops, make that "her alive" :)
29.01.2012 19:16
by  Ratfink

All right, I feel I should just make an announcement here.  I don't plan on making any more
Intelligence animations, at least not until the game has passed this point in the story.  The story
will continue past this point in the game (albeit with a lot of things changed), but I don't
think it would be a good idea to continue ASCIImating it and spoiling yet more of the game I'm
working on.
29.01.2012 20:42
by  Gameinsky

alright, it's nice to hear somethings of you again, rat.

(Also i think SD is secretly Rae's animator)
02.02.2012 22:17
by  CTDS3

Well, just an idea :)
14.05.2014 15:36
by  AweAndWonder

Ratfink, did you work on the game?  Will we ever see more of Intelligence? ;_;
14.05.2014 15:59
by  Gameinsky

Just imagine Intelligence if it continued with a similar structure as the game of thrones...
I mean, Ratfink already got rid of 2 of the main characters (or has he?)
14.05.2014 23:47
by  Ratfink

I've thought about the series a lot since the last episode.  So much, in fact, that to continue
the series I'd have to start over entirely.  I can't make the game yet.  I really want to,
but to make something I'd be satisfied with I need more game development experience.  I like
how the story has developed in my head though, and I don't just want it to stay in there

So I'm going to start the series over soon.  I think I'll start animating either tonight
or tomorrow.  Expect less spouting Internet memes and more personality in each character.
15.05.2014 05:14
by  AweAndWonder

Awesome! :D
Just curious -- If you were to make it into a game, what kind would you want it to be?
But anyway, even though I'm sure the new series will be awesome, please don't delete the
old series :3
15.05.2014 15:17
by  Gameinsky


What will happen to this version tho?

Btw, I was thinking of starting a series too, but haven't thought it out yet. So maybe soon
too? :P
15.05.2014 15:32
by  Ratfink

This series will still be here, untouched.  I'll probably give the new series a different name
too, just to avoid confusion.
15.05.2014 21:15
by  Gameinsky

This actually went rather fast. I have a prologue fully ASCIImated, not sure if I should hold on to
it till I have another episode worked out.
i'll try to make it so that our series end up being spread across the week (will aim for a
weekly series too)
21.02.2016 15:09
by  Gameinsky

So what's been happening currently?
22.02.2016 22:42
by  Ascimator

I've been thinking "What is we made Intelligence with sound?".
24.02.2016 19:31
by  Ratfink

What's been happening lately?  Most recently a whole lot of nothing.  I realized that
ASCIImator Pro is really pretty bad, so I started to make my own program for ASCIImation.  I
didn't get very far with it before I stopped development however.  Although thanks for the
reminder; I actually do have some free time I might use to work on that.

There's also been the idea of restarting it as a webcomic, but I'm pretty bad at drawing.

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