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v. 1.0 (beta)
The moment you've ALL been waiting for!
Rules the same as in others, the new rules are in the animation. LET'S BATTLE!
tag list: asciimator battle twister
In favorites of: MyO
14.11.2009 02:48
by  kelleroid

Oh look, ur RED already!
14.11.2009 09:09
by  Bionicbeetle

'Grats on Red, but I was already working on part four :|
14.11.2009 12:47
by  asiekierka

Also, you are supposed to kill the person from the previous part!
14.11.2009 12:47
by  asiekierka

...I'll let it pass as it's your first "goof", but remember, if someone said in
the comments they are/will be working on it, DO NOT DO THE NEXT PART. Wait for them to do it first!
14.11.2009 14:54
by  Ratfink

Okay, sorry.  I didn't know I was supposed to kill the person from the previous part.  But I
will kill someone soon... *evil grin*  Sorry about interfering parts too.

And...um...what exactly does red mean?  All I know is that it's the color my monitor gets
randomly tinted.
14.11.2009 15:07
by  Gameinsky

green: new
red: normal member
blue:author (mostely someone with not many levels/bad ones)
Golden:member with 4 Golden karma
14.11.2009 15:29
by  Ratfink

Ah, thanks olivier.  But it seems my name still appears in the list of "green asciimators"
on the main page.  That's odd.
16.11.2009 17:36
by  Gameinsky

So, em... who is next ?
18.11.2009 21:33
by  Bionicbeetle

SalaméMan (Gay Luigi).
Lol, Salamé.

20.11.2009 18:20
by  Gameinsky

Me waiting
20.11.2009 20:35
by  Neon-J

Rat, sometimes people appear in the "Green ASCIImators" part even when they're red.
It happened to me for about a month or something. Perhaps longer. -.-

But I'm gold now! ^^
21.11.2009 19:44
by  kelleroid

My description (upgraded oliviers):

Green: Joined LESS than a month ago. Will show in green members. (will not show in green members if
has no asciis.
Red: ACTIVE member.
Black: Member. (unless a guest)
Golden: Selected members to prove their mastership.
Two yellow lines: Moderator.
Purple: Admin/Developer. (only karaboz and brutto)
06.12.2009 10:31
by  Gameinsky

I'l continue this if you please stand by.
06.12.2009 16:52
by  Ratfink

Standing by...

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