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13.06.2009 19:58
by  Ponky

i dont understand
14.06.2009 07:17
by  vit225

he is my friend in real life...
he said he has 3 bodies and dont hearing me who says he can be in ASCIImator Battle only in
"mage" body
excuse him... dont rate 1, 2... what can you take from nOOb?
and , im not mod, but enough bumping topic "Flash Game Hacking" by insulting DBoy
Bluesboy is "boy" too, more, he is "j(unio)r"
finally, i and vit2009 are 11
dont be proud and think you can say anything because your school ends on 16 years
by the way, i will go to the other school because my is TOOOO easy and lazy for me
14.06.2009 07:20
by  Ascimator

oops sorry...
i know his password and logged in for looking what does he planning
and forgot to re-log in

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                         ( o o )
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