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The Uber V2.. It has huge destoying capabilities.. Is extremely compact.. Has voice command.. Plays any game inserted.. Can read minds.. It's engine is so fast we can't catch it to find out how it made it.. It can teleport.. It can clone itself repeatedly.. It can recieve any transmissions.. And it costs around £1.50 to make (around $3.00)..!
I will hopefully get some more footage of it later..
tag list: ascii 08 contest:robot
In favorites of: cfive
07.07.2007 10:51
by  asiekierka

Be realistic. A _GOOD_ robot can't cost less than $5. It's
just pure impossible with SUCH capabilities. My had all
features buggy, that's why it was $3 :D
08.07.2007 20:48
by  Ponky

yes I suppose I was just being a bit silly.. (it actually
costs us $3.00 to make, thats around 1.50 here in
09.07.2007 08:11
by  asiekierka

Mine costs $1000 to make. Yet i can sell it for $9,99. Guess
09.07.2007 22:38
by  cfive

What is this robot contest?
10.07.2007 15:08
by  Ponky

I dont know? do you just make no profit..? does it create
copies of itself..? please tell me how..
And the robot contest is to make the best and cheapest
robot and keep it realistic..
10.07.2007 16:41
by  asiekierka

... I first create a big robot for $1000 and it splits into
many tiny Starobots :D
16.07.2007 07:17
by  Ponky

I see..
14.09.2007 00:18
by  Anachronism

how do you do the fade effeect??? Really cool but I never seem to get the hang of it.

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