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Step 2 : Saving, Publishing, Editing

ASCIImator Tutorial

After you’ve made asciimation, you should save it, of cause, to save you labor. Press “save” button and fill corresponding form. You only must input the name of your asciimatiom into “file name” field. The name can include any characters you want. Besides this if you want you can leave some comment in “file description”. At the end press “save as new” button.

Further you are always able to open your saved asciimation just pressing “load” button. Notice, when you try to save asciimation that you have loaded before, beside “save as new” button “save” button appear. Pressing “save” you can save animation into the previous file without creating a new one. It’s handy if you just want to edit old asciimation: redraw it or change it’s name.

Thus you can save your asciimations which are not ready yet. But it would be imprudent to make asciimations only for self pleasure. One time you’ll want to publish it. To publish asciimation on www.asciimator.net you need to put on “publicate” flag.

Furthermore, you can let other users to edit your asciimation! For this just put on “make an open source” flag. It doesn’t mean that someone can change your own file. No one but only you might do it. It will mean that another person will be able to load your asciimation into ASCIIMATOR, change it as he(she) wants and save it as new file into his(her) own account.

To loop asciimation set “looped” flag on before saving. This flag is set off by default. If asciimation isn’t looped it stops on the last frame. Looped asciimation, every time it reaches the last frame automatically return to the first and play again.

In any time you can load your asciimation and correct it: change the name, the description, “publicate” status and “open source” capabilitiy. But don’t forget to save the changes into previous file, pressing “save” button (not “save as new”).
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