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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
1. To take/edit the asciimation, click on @ near by to the title,
2. After editing, save it with the "make an open source box CHECKED.
3. Don't make the asciimation looped, don't edit previous frames.
4. Leave these tips in comments of your version of animation.
5. Tag your version with contest:asciimators battle.
6. Try to come up with original content (for example, don't overdo morphing)
7. If you show no sign of completing your part for 7 days straight then anyone can instead make the next part. Do not delay the others.

If we are referencing games now, might as well do a Transistor gimmick.
tag list: contest:asciimators battle
02.02.2016 11:15
by  Gameinsky

Some impressive effects you have there :)
02.02.2016 12:49
by  Ascimator

Transistor is a game where your cybernetic sword talks to you all the time and you can plan
sequences of attacks like I did here. You can also combine different "functions" to
enhance your skills in different ways, which is pretty interesting (although there are a few
overpowered combos which trivialize everything).
03.02.2016 08:57
by  Gameinsky

I know the game has quite the reputation, though I never really took interest in it. I should give
it a try sometime.
04.02.2016 12:28
by  Ascimator

EDIT: Cleaned up some grenade shards carelessly left behind.
06.02.2016 20:48
by  Ascimator

Transistor's on a 75% sale now!
06.02.2016 23:46
by  asiekierka

I shall go next, if I find time. (So within one week.)
09.02.2016 21:52
by  CTDSThree

Dang it! I was going to do an UNDERTALE reference if not for this sudden burst of activity!
10.02.2016 06:35
by  Gameinsky

CTDS, be sure that if you do make one to not spoil the game for AweAndWonder and Ascimator or anyone
that hasn't played it yet on this site for the matter.
11.02.2016 14:58
by  asiekierka

I haven't played UNDERTALE yet. Thus, I'm going to join Gameinsky's request.

"Within one week" does likely mean tomorrow or in 2 days.
12.02.2016 01:55
by  CTDSThree

well crap
so many people haven't experienced UNDERTALE
12.02.2016 01:55
by  CTDSThree

that... wasn't an insult.
12.02.2016 01:55
by  CTDSThree

21.02.2016 15:19
by  CTDSThree

Oh wait, it's been more than one week, so can I work on my entry as well?
This does not mean that Asiekierka has to stop their entry.
If they finish first, I will stop work on mine and wait for an opening.
21.02.2016 16:35
by  Gameinsky

Yes you can, Asie no longer felt like doing it.
05.03.2016 16:27
by  Gameinsky

So how is it going, mr making an ASCII?

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