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So I tried out team frotress 2, and i must say that i like it!
tag list: fighting guns
In favorites of: kelleroid
02.02.2012 07:08
by  Cyberios

Someone on this site otta make a steam group for asciimator.
02.02.2012 08:19
by  sepehrnoor

Someone, do it! doooo eeeet!
BTW, anyone got Garry's mod? We can have a serer for ASCIImator!
02.02.2012 12:33
by  kelleroid

Yeah, I never understood people that try to take down a sentry in line of sight with sticky bombs.

Also, the sentry doesn't fire at targets out of LoS. And there's no map destruction.
02.02.2012 15:47
by  sepehrnoor

Actually I place some stickies in the turn (or corner, where I am coming from) and the attack the
sentry with grenades. Most of the times, people around him (mostly soldiers and heavies) follow and
try to kill me, but the stickies do the job. It just needs some timing.
02.02.2012 18:45
by  Gameinsky

kelleroids, i know this is not correct, but I wanted to make the turrret randomly shoot the box for
the humour element :)
02.02.2012 23:28
by  kelleroid

Why don't we just play together, you have a microphone?
03.02.2012 06:45
by  GOLDEN_C1uTch

I doooo
03.02.2012 09:52
by  sepehrnoor

I doooo
03.02.2012 16:48
by  Gameinsky

I doooo as well :D
03.02.2012 19:22
by  kelleroid

Then just add me on Steam, duh.

Guess my nickname.
03.02.2012 19:23
by  kelleroid

About the animation - you messed up the killfeed.

1st - it's in top right.
2nd - messages don't disappear so fast.
03.02.2012 20:32
by  Gameinsky

I was a bit lazy on the killfeed, I was not sure if i should add it or not, I just added it on top
on 1 frame :P
04.02.2012 15:58
by  S4mT33

An ASCIImator server for Garry's Mod would be epic
05.02.2012 11:07
by  sepehrnoor

Hmmmm, shall I make a server for ASCIImator?
05.02.2012 12:31
by  Gameinsky

you could.
05.02.2012 15:01
by  sepehrnoor

Who here plays Gmod?
05.02.2012 16:52
by  S4mT33

I do, but unfortunately the PC I play it on is broken atm so I wouldn't be able to go on
straight away :/
05.02.2012 22:09
by  kelleroid

Here's a problem, not everyone has Gmod, and not everyone has free money to spend on it.

$6 isn't cheap sometimes.
06.02.2012 08:45
by  sepehrnoor

Well, we should wait for a sale then. Like, summer sale or Easter sale, or something like that.
06.02.2012 15:52
by  Gameinsky

the problem is not the money, but the parents.
06.02.2012 17:10
by  kelleroid

The problem is the fucked up country and society.
06.02.2012 21:07
by  sepehrnoor

@olivier: I use a paysafecard, so parents have no problems.
@kelleroid: What do you mean? Ukraine is a pretty decent country, I've heard...
07.02.2012 14:38
by  kelleroid

You heard.

Meanwhile it's pretty hard to find a decent job that pays, not to mention the robber gubmint.
07.02.2012 15:42
by  Gameinsky

Move on to belgi- actually, don't, it's getting harder to find jobs here too :/
07.02.2012 16:24
by  sepehrnoor

Move on to Australia...
Oh wait, they only needs doctors and architects, so only move if you're either of them.
07.02.2012 16:56
by  kelleroid

I'm looking at Germany or Sweden...
07.02.2012 20:01
by  sepehrnoor

Good choice, the HDI in these parts is pretty good.

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