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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
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23.10.2011 19:00
by  Gameinsky

  "NOW with voices!"

Oh god not again-

  "Also, thanks"
 "But I can't code."

Gecko. "gee" "s" "see" can tho.
23.10.2011 19:10
by  Gameinsky

I've noticed, click the button twice very fast for an echo, t sounds kinda cool.

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonades!
Make life take the lemons back! get mad!
I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?
Demand to see life's manager!
make life rue the day if it thought it could give Cave Jhonson lemons!
I'm going to burn your house down, with the lemons!
I'm getting my engineers to invent combustible lemons that burn your house down!
23.10.2011 19:16
by  Gameinsky

What happen ? 
Somebody set up us the bomb. 
We get signal. 
What ! 
Main screen turn on. 
It's you !! 
How are you gentlemen !! 
All your base are belong to us. 
You are on the way to destruction. 
What you say !! 
You have no chance to survive make your time. 
Ha Ha Ha Ha .... 
Captain !! 
Take off every 'Zig'!! 
You know what you doing. 
Move 'Zig'. 
For great justice.
23.10.2011 20:32
by  sepehrnoor

Damn, I've got one hell of a scary, deep, manly voice!
24.10.2011 03:57
by  AweAndWonder

lol  So do I.  About as deep and manly as yours.  XD

Mine's waaay off.  Any chance Asie could add a female voice?
24.10.2011 05:18
by  asiekierka

You're female!?


The authors of the text-to-speech app I use haven't predicted that. Sorry :(
24.10.2011 05:21
by  asiekierka

olivier - you're a brony!? :O (asking because of a certain comment you made a while ago)

Also i'm not going to remove this. ever.
24.10.2011 06:13
by  asiekierka


John Madden
John Madden


"big" amerikan "tts"
24.10.2011 07:18
by  sepehrnoor

Hey asie, any chance of adding a filter list (those things are easy to make in JS) so it filters
certain user's username into numbers? For the pitch.
For example, you can use a if-else if system.
That would be great for making a lower pitch voice for Awe, or a higher pitch voice for Kelleroid.
I can just make a .js file of it and send it to you!
24.10.2011 14:11
by  asiekierka

I may move calculating nickname pitches to 64pixels.org server-side... but that will come later.
24.10.2011 14:15
by  Gameinsky

asie, you brony too? :O
24.10.2011 14:24
by  asiekierka

yes, i brony too :D
24.10.2011 14:25
by  asiekierka

only i started watching MLP:FiM recently so i'm pilot+1 random episode in ONLY, but i know the
most important PMVs
24.10.2011 15:58
by  kelleroid

Ho lee sit

Check out my new sexy voice.

(Note: I actually don't know what it will be)
24.10.2011 16:01
by  kelleroid

Daym, it's actually pretty great, and not even that high.
24.10.2011 16:04
by  asiekierka

hey, have a rumor:

asciimator may be changing servers soon. to my servers.

should be faster and i will have a lot more freedom in adding features
24.10.2011 16:36
by  Gameinsky

Time to make flup brony now- pegaistser :P
24.10.2011 19:42
by  sepehrnoor

What about me ?
Just kidding.
I officially declare my neutrality now.
   | |\
    / \
24.10.2011 22:37
by  gecko.jsc

Yay, welcome back Asie! :D

Server switch sounds cool, is that just an idea or have you discussed it with Karaboz/Brutto?
25.10.2011 04:55
by  asiekierka

I have discussed it and made them the accounts.

It's all a matter of "put files in, copy database, change DNS, enjoy" now.
25.10.2011 15:45
by  sepehrnoor

Luke, I am your father.
25.10.2011 16:00
by  Gameinsky

25.10.2011 20:09
by  sepehrnoor

My voice is closest to Darth Vader here, I guess xD
I sound like a monster.
Luke, I, am your "father".
25.10.2011 22:04
by  CTDS3

26.10.2011 06:24
by  AweAndWonder

lol Yeah, I think I'm the only girl other than flup.  That's alright.

It'll be awesome to have some more development going on!  Maybe this will be just the thing to
wake ASCIImator up!

Are girl MLP fans called bronies too?  'Cause I thought brother + pony = brony  o.O
26.10.2011 12:51
by  Gameinsky

the female are called pegasisters.
27.10.2011 18:43
by  kelleroid

olivier, you make me sad.

For some reason... like propagating MLP:FiM all over this place. All over yourself. And now
it's all over ME! Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!
27.10.2011 19:55
by  Gameinsky

You're welcome :)
You won't regret :P
28.10.2011 19:22
by  kelleroid

I hate people like you. Propagating against other's will, and infront of everyone.
28.10.2011 21:06
by  Gameinsky

At least I don't lie, so it's not really propagating :P
29.10.2011 20:25
by  Ascimator

What now?
They're NOT in France.
29.10.2011 20:26
by  Ascimator

I can not remember my quotes...
29.10.2011 20:29
by  Ascimator

Olivier, when I realised you're a brony, I decided to make a gory game with me as the player
and all ponies killed in the end.
29.10.2011 21:14
by  Gameinsky

It doesn't need to be like this, join the herd!
30.10.2011 07:36
by  Ascimator

30.10.2011 08:54
by  Gameinsky

Alright, but you don't know what you miss :P
30.10.2011 10:31
by  sepehrnoor

*sepehrnoor recites a memory joining the herd to troll, and ending up trolling everyone with some
other trolls... What fun moments...*

*sepehrnoor remembers that his second best IRL friend is a brony. when he talks about MLP, (what he
does all the time, even during the lessons), sepehrnoor gets to trolling him like it's 1999.*

*sepehrnoor remembers that his best IRL friend wants to roll with the gangsta's, but so far
it's apparent he's too white and nerdy.*

Hey guys, you can actually have "fun" with bronies :) (watching them react after being
trolled is fun as HELL.)
30.10.2011 11:19
by  Gameinsky

And vice versa! using ponies as weapon against brony-haters is a good idea until they have developed
a said immunity
30.10.2011 13:02
by  sepehrnoor

Ehhh, I think it already IS late. At least about me it is.
30.10.2011 13:41
by  AweAndWonder

So... yeah...

  ,. __   &&& @\              (In sweet voice)
  & \  ____ '|          AND PONIES SHALL BE KILLED
   '| ||  /\ \
    |_|| /,|_|
30.10.2011 13:44
by  asiekierka


They shall be loved and tolerated. Forever.

30.10.2011 13:51
by  Ascimator

*Teleports away*
30.10.2011 14:47
by  asiekierka

*Uses the voice feature to locate AsCiMaToR*

30.10.2011 15:49
by  sepehrnoor

Let's have a hugging party!

/// \\/ \

30.10.2011 15:59
by  Ascimator

/// \\/ \
30.10.2011 16:20
by  Gameinsky

ahum, the only reason AsCiMaToR hates this show is for stereotypical reasons... I mean "in
sweet voice"
He has never watched MLPFiM.
And, not wanting to turn you into a brony, but you could at least watch an episode before hating us,
you don't even know what you're talking about. You think you do, but in fact you're
stuck with this idea of "all ponies are lame"
that only counts for generation 1 to 3,5. But MLPFiM is different...

I mean who throws a PEDOBEAR reference in a girls show? 
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKkA7JJS6bM )
30.10.2011 16:22
by  Ascimator

I hate it for zombifying those I knew.
*takes the chainsaw*
30.10.2011 17:18
by  sepehrnoor

But anyway, hugging is AWESOME. SPREAD THE LOVE.
(note that this isn't relevant to My Little Pony in any way)

/// \\/ \
30.10.2011 18:11
by  kelleroid

Go to hell, and take your stinky propagation techniques with you!

30.10.2011 20:25
by  sepehrnoor

(hope that wasn't pointed at me, since I've officially declared my neutrality against

Uhh, this is uncomfortable.
 / \
31.10.2011 04:52
by  AweAndWonder

rofl  I have to see that episode.

I like the show too.  Not a fanatic, but it's cool.


  ,. __   &&& @\              (In sweet voice)
  & \  ____ '|          AND PONIES SHALL BE LOVED AND
   '| ||  /\ \              TOLERATED... TO DEATH
    |_|| /,|_|
31.10.2011 10:47
by  sepehrnoor

Correction #2:

 ,. __   XXX 7\          (In dark, demonic voice)
 X \  ____ '|           OVERMIND SHALL BE GORED AND
  "| ||  /\ \              TORTURED... TO DEATH
   |_|| /,|_|
01.11.2011 07:41
by  asiekierka

This is the most commented asciimation ever.

I'm sure.

Also wow 495135 unique visitors - how is that even
01.11.2011 10:15
by  Gameinsky

Asiekierka, nope, recipe for ASCIImator is.
01.11.2011 11:50
by  sepehrnoor

Olivier has a point.
02.11.2011 05:59
by  asiekierka

02.11.2011 10:10
by  Gameinsky

only 50 more messages to go! GO GO GO!
02.11.2011 19:08
by  asiekierka

new rumor!

I'm adding audio support to two asciimations, this one and "Recipe for
ASCIImator.net". It will be up as soon as brutto uploads it, but I won't tell you when
that happens. STAY TUNED D:<
02.11.2011 20:02
by  Gameinsky

and I'm waiting for terraria 1.1 next month! WOOH ^^
I'm feeling honoured :P
I would like to thank my:
magical stallions
poofy hat of renaisance
original comments
03.11.2011 05:00
by  asiekierka

No, it was my speech synthesis reading this! LOL
03.11.2011 08:55
by  Gameinsky

Allright, I'll stay tuned...
03.11.2011 11:41
by  sepehrnoor

Learn to spell properly.
Thanks, Anonymous Grammar Nazi
03.11.2011 16:36
by  Ascimator

exclamation !!
03.11.2011 16:36
by  AweAndWonder

XD  Not exactly anonymous, sepehrnoor.
Speaking of which, it's "Celebration" not "Celebaration"
Thanks, Not-So-Anonymous /SPELLING/ Nazi
04.11.2011 12:57
by  sepehrnoor

Let's comment on this as much as we can. Like a forum thread. Who needs forums when comments
have Text-to-speech ?
04.11.2011 18:01
by  Gameinsky

And who needs a governement when we have damn fries?
runs great, you may even think that the fries run our country...
running in the 10's... doesn't have the same vibe...
05.11.2011 00:32
by  kelleroid


05.11.2011 08:04
by  asiekierka

Final information on the audio features:
- it should arrive within a week or two (or three if brutto is gone) for everyone
- you won't be able to upload your own songs yet
- i'm collaborating with chiptune artists to make a library
- the current library has 62 songs with more to come (usually around 500KB with a few exceptions)
05.11.2011 08:07
by  asiekierka

- most songs are around one minute long but i'll be adding autoloop functionality
- yes, those 62 songs are all made by one artist (GreaseMonkey, my friend from new zealand)
05.11.2011 08:56
by  sepehrnoor

Uhh, I thought you were going to add tts to ASCIImations.
But nice anyway.
05.11.2011 08:58
by  asiekierka

@sepehrnoor: That's a good idea as well! I may do that after adding the audio library and
getting the editor source code.

05.11.2011 08:59
by  asiekierka


^ this link lets you see the current state of the audio library.

About TTS, I will add that later, yes
05.11.2011 11:00
by  sepehrnoor

Uhh, what format are they ? I'm asking because I have some experience with MPT chiptune songs.
I might be able to help.
05.11.2011 13:02
by  asiekierka

I currently accept MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MP3 and OGG, with NSF and SID to come soon, I guess.

They all get internally converted to OGG (there might be an MP3 fallback for Safari/iOS later)
05.11.2011 13:02
by  asiekierka

Oh, and the library is up to 95 songs!
05.11.2011 22:47
by  Ascimator

Are there going to be our chars' themes? :D

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