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This came in my head, I will stop making randomness in a boxes and make shorties like this again
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12.08.2011 12:16
by  sepehrnoor

12.08.2011 12:44
by  CTDS3

O_o You acquired the wrong manikin!

/ \

12.08.2011 13:52
by  Gameinsky

Fixed CubixIII's head.
12.08.2011 14:19
by  CTDS3

Why didn't you ban a guest? I WILL STOP THE SPAM ! ! !
12.08.2011 22:24
by  CTDS3

13.08.2011 09:05
by  Gameinsky

12.08.2011 18:19
by  CubixIII

Why didn't you ban a guest? I WILL STOP THE SPAM ! ! !

ironically, you didn't.
14.08.2011 08:47
by  Gameinsky

and like the description said, I'll stop making randomness in a boxes (the last one
as good as the other two apparently, I am afraid the quality will drop more)
On the other hand, I got an ASCIImation of a fight on a speeding train tho in making.

I can ASCIImate very fast because I use techniques that help me save time :)
14.08.2011 10:08
by  AweAndWonder

Yeah, CubixIII, if you make too many 'mations with very few frames, it's considered
spamming, since your short asciimations bury the ones beneath them.  Plus if you write comments
under other people's asciimations, it's best to make them actually relevant to the
'mation and not to make too many.  While your intentions may be good, it can be kind of
annoying.  And yes, there are/were a lot of kids on this site as well, so know you're not
really alone.

@Olivier can't wait to see your new stuff.

On a semi-related note, I should probably do a bit of asciimating myself.  :)  I STILL haven't
finished kelleroid's ASCIImation.  XD
14.08.2011 10:19
by  Gameinsky

Hey aweandwonder, I was getting worried because you didn't visit the site for a week, glad to
know you're still here!
14.08.2011 12:57
by  CTDS3

I just signed up for minecraft!!! oh btw nice
23.08.2011 20:11
by  CTDS3

Why do you treat me like a ragdoll
23.08.2011 20:49
by  Gameinsky

I don't treat you like a ragdoll.
23.08.2011 20:50
by  CTDS3

You used me as the victim in this WHY DIDN'T YOU USE A GUEST!?!?!?
24.08.2011 04:19
by  AweAndWonder

Actually, I visit the site a lot (maybe not so much that week- I can't remember)... I just
don't always comment.
*no comment*
24.08.2011 18:46
by  sepehrnoor

Calm down CubixIII, this happens a lot in 'mations
Also, you got banhammered for spamming
24.08.2011 22:23
by  CTDS3

I didn't mean to spam.
27.08.2011 09:18
by  sepehrnoor

Well, if that's the case, then control your 'mations ;)
If you wanna be like Cfive, then add stuff to your 'mation as you think of them (don't
make 20 short 'mations with different subjects, make a long one with all the subjects you could
have made short 'mations with.)
Good luck ;)

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