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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Here is how you play.
1. Copy this Animation to your ASCIImator
2. Add 10 Frames on it in some way. Be sure to put your username where you put your frames.
3. Add when you made the animation (Date) just incase someone uses the wrong Version
4. Add 1 to the Version Number. (The next one will be V.2, then V.3)
5. Wait for someone else to add on bits.

You cannot have 10 or more frames at the same time. (Eg. 11 frames, 20 frames, 15 frames)
You cannot edit other peoples frames.
Someone has to make a set of frames before you can make another set.
Do not change the ms/frame! Keep it at 100. It makes a challenge.


Q. Do delays count as different frames, i.e. if i have a frame with repeatX2, does it count as a single frame, or two frames?
A. As long as it is in a single box, it's okay (RepeatX2 = 1 frame)

Feel free to add a Q to this FAQ by just adding it.
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