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Oh my god.
This one was "ported" from 100ms to 50ms, so not all stuff uses 50ms. Some is still 100ms.

Well, it may be infinite. Give me ideas in comments :D
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23.01.2008 00:24
by  fire_hurts

No IE. Firefox. Haha, I enjoyed the vid :)
23.01.2008 10:08
by  Dragonphase

AWESOME!!!!! whats sparta (should have asked this a long time ago lol)

<emoticonmix>LOL WTF ROFL T_T O_o</emoticonmix> for u
23.01.2008 10:09
by  Dragonphase

Carry it on, im still finding the time to do 9.1!
23.01.2008 10:40
by  Dragonphase

i am more powerful than god, 
i am more evil than the devil, 
if you eat me you will die, 
if you don't eat me you will live, 
the poor have me and the rich don't want me, 

What am i?
23.01.2008 20:32
by  Bluesboyjr

Bill Gates?
23.01.2008 22:54
by  fire_hurts

Haha, that old riddle? Easy, the answer is Nothing. :D

*basks in glory*
24.01.2008 08:11
by  Bluesboyjr

If you don't eat nothing you will live?
Which, by the holy law of double negatives translates as 'If you do eat something you will
What if that something was a tasty mixture of horse manure and hydrochloric acid?
24.01.2008 08:14
by  Bluesboyjr

23.01.2008 13:08
by  Divinity Boy
AWESOME!!!!! What's Sparta? (should have asked this a long time ago lol)

>insert look of extreme shock here<
24.01.2008 13:10
by  Dragonphase

i played it yesterday i know now :P
24.01.2008 13:14
by  Dragonphase

F_H, correct, now solve this:

Nothing is more powerful than god,
Nothing is more evil than the devil,
If you eat nothing you will die,
If you don't eat nothing you will live,
the poor have nothing,
the rich don't want nothing,

What is nothing?
24.01.2008 16:24
by  gecko.jsc

It is what you just said!
24.01.2008 16:29
by  gecko.jsc

Try this one:

You are walking down a road when you see a fork in the road. You don't know which way to go.
Two brothers appear from out of the shadows. One of them always tells the truth, the other one
always lies. They say you are allowed to ask them both one question, but it must be the same
question for each brother. What quesion would you ask them to find out the right direction?
24.01.2008 19:32
by  cfive

I would simply walk around/over the fork, like so...

(")         (")
/|\"        /|\
/ \|        / \
24.01.2008 19:35
by  asiekierka

gecko: Tell a random number between no and no.

The one telling truth should say it's impossible, the one telling lies should say
25.01.2008 03:37
by  fire_hurts

DB, Nothing is the absence of something.  Or an empty space which is a space that contains no
"feelable" matter.  The sense of the word nothing in the riddle is used in many different
contexts.  So in certain spaces (such as Nothing is greater than God), nothing does not have to be
matter.  You may be able to relate nothing to an act. Just some thoughts at late night in which my
brain has already shut down. :)
26.01.2008 04:38
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

For Gecko:
If you were your brother, what would he say is the way to go?

They both point the wrong way.
30.01.2008 21:19
by  gecko.jsc

ddgc = Correct!
31.01.2008 00:14
by  cfive

01.02.2008 06:34
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

This asciimation is best viewed in IE 7.
You also recommend Vistaids.
IE7 is like the first edition of FF, except crappier.
Vista is a poor excuse of a marketing ploy.
02.03.2008 03:46
by  cfive

I can't believe I didn't fav this before...


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