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Some guy stands and gets shot by
a cannon with a bullet that electrocutes him.
tag list: violence
19.06.2005 01:28
by  supernova457

)GABE! Thats Great! :)
19.06.2005 20:33
by  guest

This is Gabe's big sister speaking (Honestly. Why would I
lie?) (aww, he didn't want anyone to know he still lives
with me) ((Gabe you Loser I love ya)) Supernove457 it's
really cool how you commented on his work like that, nobody
else would XP I'm so tired of the ASCII porn that people
make... what's the point? Children go to this site too! IE
Gabe... (ish 9) don't tell him I said it. Oh crap, he'll
read his comments anyway, well, I'm off to leave town
then, bye! 

Chelsea May out!
16.05.2006 15:59
by  me

How did she get into your account?
05.07.2006 17:44
by  Noxus/Nightmare

I dunno but i'm going to do everything I can to stop her,
she's EVIL!
04.04.2007 20:41
by  Noxus/Nightmare

And i'm NOT

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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