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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
it doesnt look like a crack though
tag list: abstract manikin
19.02.2007 20:17
by  guitarking96

umm my screen on the bottom says bg color font color frome
width but i am not in the ASCIImator maker and it says
reset convert
19.02.2007 20:20
by  fire_hurts

it's because you are saving it into your 'my pictures'
folder (or where ever else you save it) as a picture file.
in other words your not saving it on asciimator.net, but in
your own files. yo can make it how you want because you are
the one who will be using it now. do you understand
19.02.2007 20:22
by  guitarking96

yes but i cant get it off  and i want to
19.02.2007 20:25
by  guitarking96

19.02.2007 20:27
by  fire_hurts

click 'ascci2gif' again. am i understanding your question?
19.02.2007 20:28
by  guitarking96

19.02.2007 21:27
by  guitarking96

but it doesnt work
19.02.2007 21:54
by  fire_hurts

let me get this straight, you clicked the 'ascii2gif'
button, but you want the little pop-up thing for it to go
away, if so just click 'ascii2gif' again

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