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it's got more win than chuck norris!!
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11.02.2008 22:34
by  mcinnis

why did you publish this! this is worse than a hunk of shit in a can
11.02.2008 23:27
by  guitarking96

close, but i think i like this better
12.02.2008 00:11
by  cfive

12.02.2008 11:26
by  Bluesboyjr

Are you saying that there is nothing in the universe that has more win than Chuck Norris, or that an
asciimation with nothing in it has more win than Chuck Norris, making Chuck Norris a being with
hardly any win?
Because if it's the second one.. ROUNDHOUSE KICK!
12.02.2008 13:03
by  Ponky

took me a second to find nothing lol..
14.02.2008 15:19
by  origamiguy


it's a combination of both. like the following:
you can have eternal happiness or a ham sandwich, which do you choose? ham sandwich. reason? nothing
is better than eternal happiness, but a ham sandwich is better than nothing.
14.02.2008 21:19
by  cfive

That... was amazing!

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