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v. 1.0 (beta)
1. Only create your part when your team is being shot at. (We're playing doubles, by the way.)
2. Don't constantly create your part so your partner can't shoot.
3. Don't force your opponent to lose. That's godmodding, and will result in your team losing with an edit. :P
4. Be creative!

How To Join:
Comment that you want to join. We will begin with an even number of joiners.

How To Play:
You will be set to a team randomly, either Team Left or Team Right.
If the tennis ball is heading to your team, attempt a hit! (And also be creative with special hits and stuff. :P)
After each hit, make sure the ASCIImation ends back on the normal screen with the Tennis Ball heading in the other direction.
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In favorites of: mrazerty
02.07.2009 12:24
by  Gameinsky

i'l join!
07.07.2009 14:03
by  MyO

Make it Open Source please. =)
07.07.2009 20:46
by  mrazerty

I'll join too ;D
04.05.2011 14:12
by  Zeus guy

I want to join too.

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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