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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
loading screen by darkrae
login screen start by asiekierka and rtnartio
MS word by asiekierka (it spits an error, i will return to it later in ASCIIdows series)
Minesweeper ROV (Really Old Version) & Cut-scene in between by rtnario
Clock started by asiekierka (IS MEANT TO CRASH)
Clock Crash finished by rtnario

First one made by me, rtnario and darkrae!
i SWEAR it's longer.
tag list: asciidows pc windows
In favorites of: cfive mrazerty sam2007
13.06.2007 22:55
by  karaboz


how many authors!!? i am really shocked.
i am sure this is not your the last creation! 

p.s. could you describe how did you organize your work? (=
16.10.2007 14:59
by  asirae

I'm gecko.jsc!!! I joined the team!!!
21.10.2007 16:12
by  Dragonphase

since asirae is a mix of asi, rtnario, and darkrae, and there are now new members of the devteam
(me, gecko, and all) can we edit the name of the author (so like: Asiranity.jsc or something)... and
if so we could PM all members of the devteam (tell them the new username and use the SAME password)
21.10.2007 17:26
by  asiekierka

No way. Asirae is the name of the team and a mix or asiekierka and darkrae ONLY. It's the name
of the team AND NO CHANGES BTW.
21.10.2007 19:30
by  Dragonphase

dont lose your nuts, gz!
22.10.2007 20:49
by  cfive

Could I join Asirae?
23.10.2007 07:00
by  [pm this account]

PM this account to join.
Put above sentence at the end of every post you make with this account.
23.10.2007 12:42
by  Silver

23.10.2007 13:19
by  asiekierka

23.10.2007 19:56
by  cfive

24.10.2007 05:06
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

24.10.2007 05:20
by  asiekierka

24.10.2007 07:24
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

07.07.2009 21:43
by  mrazerty

LOL at the minesweeper part =D

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                         ( o o )
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