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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Make-Your-Own-Ending #1!

1. No changing any frames before, width or height.
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06.08.2008 05:28
by  asiekierka

sorta unexpected, me like that =)
06.08.2008 10:52
by  origamiguy

Jail is to where you are going,
Go is not what you will pass and
an amount of dollars equal to 200
is not what you will collect!

06.08.2008 13:22
by  cfive

Hehe, one time I was trying to figure out why my playlist wouldn't publish on gametap and in
part of the topic I created I wrote the WHOLE POST like that and it was huge! Then someone said
"Written post that like is readable not" And then I'm all like "No, you were
supposed to say "Readable is not what a post is when written like that""

It was epic
07.08.2008 13:26
by  origamiguy

18.12.2008 14:56
by  gecko.jsc

Cfive! ASCIImator is back and it is missing your randomness! If you get comments about ASCIImations
then you should get this!
21.12.2008 03:56
by  cfive

Fear not, for SCATMAN is here!
19.09.2009 17:11
by  Bionicbeetle

Can somebody post the link of the First one of this?
I want to make one.
03.12.2009 21:47
by  Bionicbeetle

(Apparently, it's been ten years since Scatman John Passed away today...)

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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