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In favorites of: cfive
26.04.2007 08:10
by  PENO

OMFG i wanted to rename it but couldnt
i named it (<ASCII>) and () came up O_O
15.07.2007 00:13
by  cfive

Hypnotic! @_@
16.07.2009 16:57
by  mrazerty

() FTW
It is... The symbol of functions that don't need arguments. Yeah!
16.07.2009 22:47
by  origamiguy

or 'Methods' as we call them in the land of Microsoft C#
11.03.2010 01:32
by  Ratfink

No...methods are just functions that are part of a class in OOP.  They have nothing to do with C#,
and have been around much longer than that language has existed.  But OOP isn't really
necessary in my opinion.  It can be convenient sometimes, but usually I can do the same things
easily with procedural programming.

So...shorter version...C OWNS C#!

My C#-using friend will rage at me if he sees that.

I also know why it appears as ().  Karabrutto doesn't have anything to remove HTML from titles
or descriptions, so your browser is trying to see <ASCII> as an HTML tag.  If you examine the
page's source code, you will see that <ASCII> is actually still there.

Anyway, nice animation!  5/5
01.12.2011 09:06
by  sepehrnoor

Yeah, I also like C and C++ more than C#

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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