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What do you think???????????????
tag list: contest
15.04.2007 03:14
by  fire_hurts

this would be a HUGE poll. there are about 1500 animations.
i suggest narrowing it downa bit. it would be hard to
decide on the final asciimations. but still its a good
idea. =))
15.04.2007 05:00
by  cfive

Hmm.. Maybe narrow it down to non-guest animations only.
15.04.2007 05:02
by  cfive

Or, even though it might not be as exact, only users thst
enter the contest.
15.04.2007 19:16
by  fire_hurts

this could work, then =)
15.04.2007 22:53
by  cfive

17.04.2007 03:39
by  karaboz

cfive! it would be very cool if you start your contest on
forum! (=
17.04.2007 11:31
by  rtnario

Great idea! But, ditto with karaboz. It'd be a lot more
convenient if it were placed on the forums. ^^
17.04.2007 22:55
by  cfive

Is their another way? Last time I posted on the forum, I
still got an-email even though I unchecked everything.
18.04.2007 23:28
by  karaboz

what emails do you mean? 80 You tried to post on new forum?
But I didn't see you topics.. =( Or you mean you posted on
old forum? And still recive email notifications from it?
Let's solve this problem in order to meet you with new
forum (=
19.04.2007 00:18
by  cfive

I tried posting on the new forum, but I even got an e-mail
after I deleted the post. (I was just testing it out, I
didn't make a topic, I just put a regular post)

BTW, rtnario, your rules are great! Let's get started!
19.04.2007 01:40
by  cfive

I also liked your rules, karaboz. I will probably enter a
modified version of my original duck animation.

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