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This was actually going to become part 1 of the third duck series, (which is coming soon and will feature Large Duck) but I decided it was too much random sequences. I also decided it was too complete to waste, (it's been laying around for who knows how long) so I released it.
tag list: duck random
11.03.2007 06:47
by  rtnario

...Wha? It's good though =D
11.03.2007 19:20
by  cfive

Either way, most of it will be in the final. The thing was
going to be large duck was a dream, them he wakes up and
that other stuff happens.
11.03.2007 19:36
by  cfive

The idea was there, just not in order.
11.03.2007 20:04
by  karaboz

long legs were really crazy hahaha!
11.03.2007 22:19
by  cfive

I might do a duck 3 directors's cut with a slightly changed
version of this.

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