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This is basically what ascii's should not be. (although, come to think of it, it sounds a bit like what one should be) ANYWAY, if you can't see it, just highlight it.
tag list: purposely bad tutorial
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25.02.2007 22:41
by  cfive

For some STRANGE reason, I feel like doing a HUGE ascii
project. For the same reason, I made this comment.

/ \
25.02.2007 22:50
by  fire_hurts

cfive i think you should. its very fun to do. the only
problem is its very time consuming, but i believe the pros
outweigh the cons. =))) im looking forward to it if decide
to make this HUGE ascii project.
25.02.2007 23:14
by  cfive

25.02.2007 23:37
by  me

I really liked that, I gave 5/5.
25.02.2007 23:42
by  karaboz

oh, master! don't stop (=
(let's give it the tag lessons)
25.02.2007 23:44
by  karaboz

sorry. but the last sentence is cropped..
what should it mean? (maybe my english is not so fine)
25.02.2007 23:45
by  me

It means:

Make sure the words stay in the borders
26.02.2007 01:49
by  cfive

Exactly. It was a joke by not having the whole thing on the
screen. =)
26.02.2007 05:13
by  rtnario

Yeah! It's like an ASCII that's a tutorial

      ~o_/  (")
      /|    /|\
      / >   / \
27.02.2007 16:45
by  brutto

its a great idea to do visible tutorial... )) 
even i dont want to read a lot of texts, but i like to see
asciimations... its amazing theme... cfive - lets start!
we can place lessons to tutorial guide or to new 'tips &
tricks' place )))
01.03.2007 13:49
by  cfive

Wow! This has gotten a LOT of positive reaction! Maybe I
should do more.

Btw, cool idea, brutto. Let's start soon!
06.07.2007 18:05
by  Ponky

ye I liked the bit were you couldn't read the text when it
went to fast and all the irony..!

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                         ( o o )
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