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Some good asciimation here :) Guest starring Dilbert and Dogbert
tag list: comics creature
In favorites of: Bionicbeetle Bluesboyjr cfive
28.09.2006 13:59
by  karaboz

01.10.2006 20:18
by  doomstrawberry

must have taken a long time.
02.10.2006 07:02
by  brutto

awesome - its nice alot!
10.11.2006 16:08
by  supernova457

Nice! XD
23.04.2007 14:20
by  darkrae

Great!! Give it 5!!
I won't believe anyone would rate this under 5
15.09.2007 01:33
by  Anachronism

Wow. I love Dogbert. Seeing him Asciimated is like...seeing Thermodynamics explained so that they
make sense.
20.07.2008 12:25
by  Bluesboyjr

Whatever happened to Dilbert?
21.07.2008 01:38
by  cfive

You broke his heart and killed him... and tore him to pieces..... and threw every piece into a
fire.... as they burned it hurt because he was so happy for you! Now these points of data make a
beautiful line and were out of beta, we're releasing on time. So, I'm GLaD he got burned
think of all the things he learned for the people who are still alive! [p.s.] And believe me he is
STILL ALIVE! [p.p.s.] He's doing officework and he's STILL ALIVE! [one final thought] And
when you're dead he will be STILL ALIVE! [one final thought p.s.] STILL ALIVE! STILL ALIVE!
21.07.2008 15:57
by  Bluesboyjr

Err.. yeah.
I only said because the last time I saw an episode was years ago on some obscure cable channel. And
Britain don' get no Dilbert on our funny pages. We have Hagar the not-so-Horrible, though.
14.01.2012 14:47
by  CTDS3

I love dilbert!

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