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We drove the little guy to the point of keeping a video diary. Can't we just spread the love?
tag list: ascii 08 guilt lyrics philosophic stickman revolt
In favorites of: cfive karaboz
16.05.2007 22:25
by  karaboz

i recognized that stickmen began to revolt... why???? (=
17.05.2007 01:03
by  fire_hurts

i believe we would all get bored of being blown up,  have
acid poured on our bodies, eventually =)))
18.05.2007 03:57
by  rtnario

-feels guilty- ...Oh wait, I didn't kill any stickman in
18.05.2007 16:02
by  fire_hurts

rtnario, i salute you! i should be the one at shame here.
hes died in pretty much all my ASCIIs.
28.06.2007 07:11
by  Ponky

ye im pretty sure no1's died in mine, oh wait, except for
Uber, but uber can take it (he's manikin ponkys brother)
but Manikin ponky did it NOT ME
09.07.2007 22:34
by  cfive

STICK FIGURE RIGHTS - The stick figures
/ \

OH NO! The sticks have hacked my account - Cfive (I think)
21.07.2007 22:23
by  Ponky

i love manikins.. their so cool (help they've taken over i
haven't got long before they come back HEEELLLPP..) as i
was saying they're cool and people who kill mthem are sick
25.08.2007 11:35
by  Dragonphase

can someone call 999 i am being chased aroung by little
stick people... i just got shot with lightning... G2G i'll
be back... WITH BETTER WEAPONS... come with me, if you want
to live
25.08.2007 11:37
by  Dragonphase

09.07.2011 23:01
by  CTDS3

this reminds me of:http://vimeo.com/2126603

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