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A bunny that almost gets blown up
tag list: bunny rain
In favorites of: cfive gecko.jsc
24.12.2007 11:40
by  gecko.jsc

Cool! I like the way it rains!
24.12.2007 19:55
by  gecko.jsc

I think that you should stay on the site for a while and make some more good asciimations, because
we are lacking in good asciimators at the moment and we could do with an extra user or two.
25.12.2007 14:43
by  kcaz

thank you :D

first time i ever tried to make an ascii animation.

yeah, sure il try to make more :D.
25.12.2007 22:01
by  gecko.jsc

There aren't many people who get the frame speed right and work out a good style of animation
when they are quite new to the site, at least, I wasn't that good when I first started. Try
using some colour effects to make better explosions and effects in your next asciimations. I added
this to my favorites.
25.12.2007 23:44
by  cfive

Liar... Ur 1st ascii was pwnsome!
28.12.2007 18:33
by  cfive

28.12.2007 18:34
by  cfive

Ok, comments still work!
28.12.2007 18:36
by  cfive

And users registered = -2!
31.01.2008 01:07
by  karaboz

I'd love the asciimation where just bunny is under rain (=
It'd look great I think (=
03.04.2008 17:14
by  gecko.jsc

Well, my first ASCIImation when I was a guest was rubbish!

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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