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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
attempt to combine analog and digital clocks: analogital. =)
tag list: analog clocks contest:clock digital
26.03.2010 01:14
by  Dragonphase

nice to see a long missed face! its been too long brutto! i can't view this just yet because
i'm on my nintendo DS writing this but i'll be sure to check it out in the morning!
26.03.2010 01:59
by  brutto

Read you comment with tears in my eyes, so many memories... xDD
26.03.2010 10:08
by  Gameinsky

Woah, so much things have changed in 1 day!
(can you fix the avatar feature please?)
28.03.2010 08:43
by  Credit

What`s an analogical clock?
28.03.2010 08:55
by  brutto

@Credit: This is mix clocks. It looks like old analog with arrows, but actually it is digital with
only 0-9 (not 0-59).
31.03.2010 11:27
by  Neon-J

Sweet, both Karaboz and Brutto are back! 

I wonder if the avatar glitch and the ASCII2Gif glitch gets fixed. (To see the ASCII2Gif glitch, use
it on my logo with all the ASCIImators in it.)
07.07.2011 21:25
by  CTDS3

hey what hapind to teh smiale man when comma boy gave hgim an insane touch?

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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