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Nobody would ever think that a Gallade could beat the god of Pok?mon, but when equipped with a Razor Claw, a critical hit could mean certain doom... Enjoy the awesomeness of Psycho Cut!
tag list: fighting
In favorites of: Zeus guy
25.03.2008 12:50
by  origamiguy

so gecko, do you actually have an arceus?

i have three.
25.03.2008 16:22
by  gecko.jsc

Yes I do. I got a action replay!

My team is:
Gallade (shiny)

All are level 100 and awesome!
25.03.2008 16:23
by  gecko.jsc

Also, I recently made a runescape account and I wondered if anyone else has one here? I'm level
20 so far.
25.03.2008 16:27
by  fire_hurts

Eh, I got rid of my RS account a while back and I have been playing War Rock for most of my online
gaming needs. :D
25.03.2008 17:03
by  cfive

Get RTB (in the cool internet topic)! Has an epic deathmatch mode! Especially if the admin leaves
the jetpacks on, which they do most of the time. Why one time I scored 40 points and the most anyone
else had was 15.... it was pwnage by a semi-noob...
25.03.2008 17:05
by  cfive

Btw action replay max evo (2?) 4 ps2 = win.... it has a COMPLETELY LEGAL sega genesis emulator!
It's not like I used it to download zero wing... and uh... even if I did..... it would've
been legel.... because uhhh. it's foreign.... and uh..... *shot by the e-police*
25.03.2008 19:53
by  Bluesboyjr

Usually, I would write a long speech on how you must be really, REALLY sad to make this, however,
this is actually quite good, so 5/5.
26.03.2008 03:43
by  cfive

Usually, YOUR FACE would write a long speech on how YOUR FACE must be really, REALLY sad to make
YOUR FACE, however,
YOUR FACE is actually quite good, so YOUR FACE/5.
26.03.2008 10:51
by  Bluesboyjr

cfive said: YOUR FACE is actually quite good

Why thank you.
26.03.2008 15:24
by  cfive

YOUR FACE said: YOUR FACE YOUR FACE is actually quite good

Why thank YYOUR FACE. (what am I/YOUR FACE doing?)
26.03.2008 15:28
by  Bluesboyjr

I don't know. Please stop.
26.03.2008 16:02
by  cfive

KK. I was just doing it because there was this one youtube poop where all the nouns and pronouns
were replaced with "your face"... so um.... yeeaaahhh...
26.03.2008 20:13
by  Bluesboyjr

I remember seeing one like that. It was a scene from Hotel Mario and they used a clip of some creepy
guy saying 'money' (I think he was from the Tom and Jerry Movie).
"If you need MONEEEY, please check the MONEEEY in the enclosed MONEEEY."
26.03.2008 23:34
by  cfive

A similar one is also in the Kravindish topic where he declares certain things to be... illegal...
(you know)
30.03.2008 21:18
by  Bluesboyjr

I've just made one!

Being a Star Wars nerd is so much better than being a Trekkie! Trust me!
30.03.2008 22:24
by  cfive

30.03.2008 22:34
by  cfive

Here's my first poop:

Too bad photobucket cut of a minute and 37 seconds.... oh well.... *n00bish warning!*
31.03.2008 11:07
by  Bluesboyjr

"I ain't afraid of no toast!"
Why not Youtube it?
31.03.2008 15:19
by  gecko.jsc

That was the biggest piece of rubbish I've ever seen! You know what they say! All toasters
toast toast! You know what they say! All toasters toast Bowser! You know what they say! All toasters
toast- is meee Maaario! MAKE IT STOP! PLEEEASE! It was ok though, considering you put a lot of
effort into it.
31.03.2008 15:46
by  Dragonphase

bbjr, u realise you are golden??
31.03.2008 15:48
by  Dragonphase

and the ascii rox!! i got pkmn diamond and pearl on r4 with no AR cheats. can sum1 send me a link to
download diamond for R4 that actually HAS cheats on?
31.03.2008 17:10
by  Bluesboyjr

"All toasters toast Gecko!"

Umm... didn't you see the forum topic set up in hono(u)r of my EPIC GOLDNESS!

And I thought that cfive's first YTPoop was good for a first. You just don't understand
what pooping is all about.
31.03.2008 22:50
by  fire_hurts

@Divinity Boy:  He is aware.  I made a topic about it after I gave him my karma :D
31.03.2008 23:39
by  cfive

gecko, it stinks because the last minute and a half was cut. That was the best part. Anyway,
I've got a Kravindish one in the works....
01.04.2008 17:01
by  gecko.jsc

I didn't mean it was rubbish, I meant it was crazy. I do realise that you put a lot of effort
into it.
01.04.2008 17:53
by  Bluesboyjr

Gecko (31 March) - "That was the biggest piece of rubbish I've ever seen!"
Gecko (also 31 March) - "It was ok though, considering you put a lot of effort into it."
Gecko (1 April) - "I didn't mean it was rubbish, I meant it was crazy."

I don't know what to believe.
01.04.2008 22:57
by  cfive

01.04.2008 22:57
by  cfive

02.04.2008 09:18
by  Bluesboyjr

Maybe what?
02.04.2008 16:17
by  gecko.jsc

C'mon guys! You know rubbish and crazy mean EXACTLY the same thing, because that's what I
02.04.2008 16:18
by  gecko.jsc

Oh, and if anyone is interested in seeing my team, go here:
02.04.2008 20:25
by  cfive

Whenever I go there it says I need JAVA, but I already have JAVA.
02.04.2008 20:42
by  Bluesboyjr

02.04.2008 22:30
by  gecko.jsc

Java delivery for Cfive!
  _-_|JAVA|?|  \(")/ EEK!
  _-=|  __| _]   |
    - OO  OO    / \
03.04.2008 00:24
by  fire_hurts

cfive, the site worked perfectly for me.  I think you need to get rid of that browser (I believe you
are still using IE7).. GET FIREFOX'D!!
03.04.2008 15:55
by  gecko.jsc

IE7 works fine for me (and it's the best!).
05.04.2008 02:46
by  fire_hurts

Oh, poor gecko.  I feel bad for you.  I just want to live to see the day when you see the error from
IE7 when you close it.  Then and only then will you realize that Firefox is the true way to go. I
just hope you aren't running Vista... :D
05.04.2008 10:27
by  gecko.jsc

I am on Vista, and Firefox will never win me over!
05.04.2008 17:00
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Adblock Plus.
05.04.2008 19:21
by  fire_hurts

Do not fear the Firefox! Run to it!
05.04.2008 22:18
by  cfive

But it's based off Netscape, the browser of EEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIL! EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL
05.04.2008 23:13
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

06.04.2008 09:08
by  Bluesboyjr

So what does that make AOL?
06.04.2008 15:23
by  cfive

Illegal, you know!
06.04.2008 16:14
by  fire_hurts

Is true.
07.04.2008 04:36
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

AOL is the browser of fail.
05.08.2008 11:15
by  origamiguy


that were epic!
05.08.2008 16:28
by  guitarking96

oooo how i want to be a moderatoooooouuuuiiiiirrrrrrr
21.08.2008 19:09
by  gecko.jsc

Yup, since OrigamiGuy became a mod I felt like becoming one too. I'm not going to complain and
ask too much, I'm just going to try harder!
21.08.2008 20:43
by  Bluesboyjr


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