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Darj_link777, heres your asciiart
tag list: ascii art
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27.08.2007 13:49
by  cfive

27.08.2007 13:59
by  Dragonphase

27.08.2007 13:59
by  Dragonphase

i am all for my art... BTW in your asciimators battle 78/77
who is Dr. Phil?
27.08.2007 14:12
by  Dragonphase

when i make the ascii arts i leave a picture of my art open
in a window, look at the shades... : ; , . ' are light
shades and CaPiTaL letters are dark shades, and for really
dark shades, i use @ # ect ect... its easy when you think
about it but when you actually do it it is hard and takes a
long time... thats why i hardly make ascii arts move...
27.08.2007 14:48
by  cfive

So, you do everything by hand?
BTW, Dr phil is a bald talk show host that talks to people
who have big problems and no lives and everybody makes fun
of him. =) =) XD
27.08.2007 17:02
by  Dragonphase

i just type letters like #1sw and stuff, if thats what you
mean by hand
28.08.2007 01:16
by  cfive

Yes, That's what I mean. Usually When people do this sort
of thing they use a computer program to do it and it
doesn't come out perfect so they clean it up. But doing
it by hand DEFINATLEY seems to come out better.
28.08.2007 07:48
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

28.08.2007 10:33
by  Dragonphase

That explains it better :P
01.09.2007 11:30
by  Ponky

Oh.. My.. God.. PLEASE MAKE MINE.. XD..
01.09.2007 12:58
by  Dragonphase

ponky it is hard doing your nose and hands and stuff like raymans... it would be better if it was
like a simple head (round) with a beak in it and eyes... its very hard...
01.09.2007 15:13
by  Ponky

urrm.. its not a beak.. and it doesnt have to be very complex at all.. it just needs to be a simple
one but dont worry if u cant i just wanted 2 see what it would look like.. :D

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