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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

1. No story line whatsoever. No talking; no narrating.

2. Words, numbers, stick figures, etc. may be allowed only when they are used for aesthetic purposes (for cool-looking effects... or secret messages) --but not to create a story.

3. Have some sort of balance. In other words, don't do most of your animating in a tiny square. It can symmetrical but doesn't have to be . Also, make sure to use multiple frames when appropriate.

4. Additions must flow smoothly with previous entries. This is part of the challenge.

5. Save as open source and tag the video "The Abstract Challenge"

6. Don't edit previous entries, change the frame-rate (20 ms per frame), etc.

7. Be original. :) The more creative, the better.

Sorry, hzaa, but a month of total inactivity is kind of long.
tag list: ctds2willnowsavetheday! the abstract challenge
In favorites of: andersamer karaboz MyO
18.02.2012 10:20
by  Gameinsky

18.02.2012 10:46
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks! :)
18.02.2012 13:06
by  Gameinsky

7 views 777 frames!
19.02.2012 03:52
by  AweAndWonder

20.02.2012 02:38
by  AweAndWonder

Found a glitch and fixed it.
20.02.2012 02:55
by  AweAndWonder

Once this collab hits 100 turns, I'm going to turn this into a large, color screensaver!  :) 
Then every 100 turns after that I'll add onto it.  So... maybe that'll be a little bit of
encouragement to add onto this.
22.02.2012 00:01
by  S4mT33

That sounds like a pretty good idea!
Well, apart from the fact that my eyes would just die every time I walked up to my computer :P
23.02.2012 04:30
by  AweAndWonder

The amount of blood that drips from one's eyes is a fairly good measurement of the awesomeness
of a screensaver.  :)
23.02.2012 22:35
by  kelleroid

One does not simply use a screensaver nowadays.

I just auto turn off my monitor.
23.02.2012 22:37
by  kelleroid

Also, you're going to wait until it says "Abstract Challenge (100)"? It took you
about a month to get it to 9.
23.02.2012 23:38
by  S4mT33

Haha good point
24.02.2012 01:15
by  AweAndWonder

I actually turn off my monitor more often too, but I still like to use a screensaver once in a

Also, it took a month because of hzaa.  He said "me next" a month ago but never showed up.
 >_<  Anyway, Asciimator's battle has more than 200 turns, so it is possible (it took
about 8 months to make 100, which isn't too long for the patient).  Short screen savers
aren't very fun.
24.02.2012 01:19
by  AweAndWonder

I'll try doing it in 50 turns if I think it's long enough.
01.03.2012 14:40
by  karaboz

Great idea of the contest chain! And very inpressive collaborative asciimation! You rule guys! ((=
01.03.2012 20:18
by  Gameinsky

Yes, this is very unique!
03.03.2012 04:16
by  AweAndWonder

:D  Thanks karaboz!  Every contribution was more amazing than I could have expected!
04.03.2012 14:35
by  sepehrnoor

I had never seen a collab like this before. This is entirely new. I don't really have time to
ASCIImate, but when it's time for summer, I will be more active.
13.06.2012 10:46
by  AweAndWonder

09.05.2013 12:30
by  CTDSThree

09.05.2013 15:04
by  CTDSThree

That means menext.

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