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This is the uncompleted asciimation I made for kelleroid since he won that contest. I'm having some writer's block, and I'd really appreciate it if you could throw me some ideas/suggestions. Note that I probably won't copy your suggestions exactly, since I want this to still be my original work, but hopefully they will inspire me to finally finish this!!!!!
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02.10.2011 05:15
by  AweAndWonder

I forgot to mention, the sooner I finish this, the sooner I get to work on my greatest ASCII project
of all time!!! ;)
02.10.2011 07:47
by  Gameinsky

Kelleroid has no idea how to fix this and tries somethings, the result is electrocution.
The aliens that realise they should give him the closed instruction book of how to get tru this
fix that whatever-it-was-what-it-was-thing
02.10.2011 08:02
by  AweAndWonder

Ooo...  nice ideas!  I'm surprised I didn't think of electrocution earlier!
02.10.2011 08:36
by  sepehrnoor

ideas: Kelleroid plugs some wires in the wrong socket, resulting in the spaceship going all ape-sh!t
(lol), and the aliens turning hostile
02.10.2011 09:02
by  AweAndWonder

Haha!  Awesome!

This is good stuff here.  Maybe I'll combine these two suggestions and see what I come up
02.10.2011 20:14
by  kelleroid

And of course a suggestion by me:

Nobody knows how to fix the drive directly, but what about fixing the robots?..
03.10.2011 01:07
by  AweAndWonder

Hmm... I'll think about that.  That's a pretty cool twist...
Awesome!  I think you just gave me another idea...
03.10.2011 09:55
by  RicheyRich

make it an open source and i may be able to help
03.10.2011 09:55
by  RicheyRich

make it an open source and i may be able to help
03.10.2011 09:59
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks for the offer, but I kind of want it to be my own project.

And hey, you're back!  :)

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