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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
A clock made of hands each holding a playing card. I calculated this to change exactly every second (40 frames, 25 ms each) (which is why it's so fast); hopefully I made no errors. On the hour and minute counters, it should be slower and more visible.

YAY! I'm a red user now!

I'm still working on that ASCIImation, kelleroid. This was just a quick something I had already started. I don't have much time during the school year... maybe after AP tests I'll have enough time to finish bigger projects.

Hey, is it just me, or does shift-selecting multiple frames not work in ASCIImator in Firefox 4? And can you guys view the clock section?, because I haven't been able to for a while now. http://asciimator.net/projects/clocks/ just looks like a page full of errors to me.
tag list: contest:clock
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01.05.2011 08:24
by  kelleroid

It is fast, sure.

Nobody really has alot of time during school/college/any-other-study.

Never tried ASCIImator in FF4.

The clock page surely needs fixing, but the clocks still work. Scroll down, way down.
01.05.2011 09:02
by  Gameinsky

izz a nize one, indeed!
02.05.2011 00:46
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks Olivier!

Yeah.  I'm in my last year of high school (whatever that is in other countries).

It was working fine in Firefox 4 until recently for some reason.  Now I'm forced to use Chrome
with ASCIImator until it's fixed.  :(  And I prefer Firefox.

Thanks!  I thought the clocks were all gone.
20.06.2011 21:22
by  AweAndWonder

Hey the clock page works now!!!  :D
After all, you added sepehrnoor's and Zeus guy's! (which look awesome btw)
21.06.2011 09:54
by  Gameinsky

I think mods can add clocks too, I'll try

BTW, be happy because you just earned your first karma point!
21.06.2011 09:59
by  Gameinsky

Apparently adding clocks work that way, interesting.
21.06.2011 18:01
by  AweAndWonder

YAY!  Thanks Olivier!  :D
25.06.2011 09:21
by  AweAndWonder

*Gasp*  I realized there is something wrong with my clock!  The hand holding the back card is messed
up; let me fix it.
25.06.2011 09:48
by  sepehrnoor

AweAndWonder, you are Steve #2. You make ASCIImations rarely, but when you do, you make
Keep it up ;)
25.06.2011 10:40
by  AweAndWonder

Fixed it.

Thanks sepehrnoor!  :)  I hope to get back to ASCIImating once I get all my college/university
application stuff finished.
30.06.2011 13:51
by  karaboz

It's very unexpected clock! Who can imagine that clocks could look loke that! Super.
30.06.2011 14:00
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks!  :)
30.06.2011 14:03
by  sepehrnoor

Hey karaboz, how about giving AweAndWonder some karma points ?
15.06.2014 22:56
by  Dragonphase

Wow, this is really amazing!
15.06.2014 23:25
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks! :D
18.06.2014 09:15
by  Gameinsky

Seriously, make Awe golden already!

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