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26.08.2008 09:42
by  shaunie

that was good
26.08.2008 10:05
by  origamiguy

you stole those character models from here:

26.08.2008 19:54
by  gbunzy

u stole this ascimation off me how dare u i just publicated it and u took it! by the way dont try
and steal helecopter man because that one is mine to
26.08.2008 20:49
by  RicheyRich

were you proof that i took it from you how dear you blame me and any way the name is star wars not
droid pickup
26.08.2008 20:52
by  white cloud

i belave richeyrich there is no proof and you did not publish it
28.08.2008 12:00
by  gecko.jsc

Well, if gbunzy originally made this asciimation then he definitely stole the characters from the
star wars site, but then richeyrich nicked it from gbunzy before it could be resaved under a
different username...

Two thieves with rubish speling
29.08.2008 12:05
by  origamiguy

here is my version of the story (and i am friends with richeyrich). gbunzy made it as a guest but
did not publish it. As he often does, richeyrich opened it as a guest, logged in as
'richeyrich', and saved it. Having made an account, gbunzy went to reclaim it, but noticed
that richeyrich had taken it and complained.
29.08.2008 20:35
by  Bluesboyjr

I hope that was deliberate irony in your comment, gecko.jsc.

And remember, kids, stealing is for dem Hollywood types only!

comment by  guest:
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