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I updated Doomstrawberry's version of Stand and Deliver and look what came out... ^
tag list: violence
In favorites of: Bionicbeetle cfive mcinnis
05.09.2007 17:31
by  Ponky

youve done it twice..
05.09.2007 18:14
by  Dragonphase

and you (might not be you) rated it 1 just cos i did it twice? that thing is happening to my PC
again where it goes slow and i have to press the "save as new" button loads of times... it
needs a defragmenting
06.09.2007 16:13
by  chips62

I just rated it 5 because I like it and also I was trying to sort out the annoyance of someone
rating it 1.
06.09.2007 18:57
by  mrazerty

Uhm...where did I see that before?
07.09.2007 18:36
by  Ponky

hey i didnt rate it 1..! i rate the other one four.. because this one is a copy and you shouldnt
deserve any authors points for it for having to.. delete it as it is a waste of space..

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