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ever wonder what the possesed guy was like as a kid?
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01.06.2008 20:30
by  Dragonphase

omg i cant comment, i just get the You Are Wrong page!!!
01.06.2008 20:34
by  Dragonphase

oh ok, then that worked... i just started using my voice recognition system and its really good. i
can say "please register" perfectly and it works. but when i say hello it says "you,
will, handle, line, will, handle, alone" ect. which is a big downfall. i have "tazti"
recognition and "e-speaking (which i use for notepad)".

I'll try saying "Nice asciimation" or "animation".

and eyes on the nation (nice animation btw)
03.06.2008 18:25
by  fire_hurts

You must be on Vista?
04.06.2008 20:04
by  Ponky

lol i use voice recognition on my new comp which has vista and when i laugh it goes "my dog my
dog my dog my dog" which is weird becasue my laugh sounds nothing like my dog..
04.06.2008 20:09
by  Ponky

when i said that comment above it comes up with " I use of always recognition on my new
computer which has Mr. and when I your the go at mind on my dog mind of my door which is weetabix
mail or something like mind on" and when i say hello it takes to to my homepage which can so
annoying when im researching and i say hello to someone. For example.. this is the fifth time ive
wirtten this comment becasue i wanted to see what it wrote when i said hello.

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