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Because everyone wanted it,I made a sequal!

this time with action!
tag list: manikin pc game spiderman
In favorites of: cfive
07.06.2006 18:39
by  Aang1

listen guys,I'm really sorry,I THOUGHT that if I was logged
in in the rest of the site,that it would come out that way

so sorry and it WAS indeed made by Me,it's no
08.06.2006 10:25
by  karaboz

ok. i fixed it [site admin]
10.06.2006 01:37
by  guest

Thank you karaboz! I may not like some of the content here
but You're the man for changing it! :^)
14.06.2006 01:41
by  karaboz

this spiderman reminds me one good oldstyle game Bruce Lee!
16.06.2006 14:23
by  Aang1

"this spiderman reminds me one good oldstyle game Bruce
(="__         __
     '--._,--'  Karaboz

For the NES,Commadore 64,or PC?
16.06.2006 20:07
by  karaboz

i had ZX Spectrum 48/128 (=
17.06.2006 18:27
by  guest

ahhh....the ZX spectrum is spiffy...y'know what? with how
much We're commenting back and forth,there should be
forums to like,trade ASCII techniques,or just chat about
09.07.2006 13:22
by  japanfanatic

This spiderman reminds me of a nice warm COOKIE!!!
11.07.2006 04:13
by  Aang1

0.o; umm...interesting way to put it?
thanks for the..i THINK its a compliment :o
11.07.2006 09:02
by  brutto

/me cryin'
so beautiful...
/me ragin'
but so short!!!
30.08.2006 14:37
by  guest

Who wanted a sequel, Make another
16.01.2008 23:05
by  cfive

*this spiderman reminds me one good oldstyle game Bruce Lee*
Bruce Lee had his own game? That makes, Chuck Norris, Shaq, Probably some random religious diety and

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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