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03.11.2007 13:17
by  gecko.jsc

What the??? I didn't make this! Did someone log onto my account??? Or was it karabrutto, or a
moderator, or a hacker???
03.11.2007 15:28
by  Dragonphase

no, its just karabrutto adding your non ansi tower build thing to your account (it must be there
because they saved it for the main page logo)
04.11.2007 00:49
by  Flup

Relax, gecko, we can't log in other people's accounts :)
05.11.2007 22:10
by  karaboz

Yes, it was karabrutto who saved asciimation into gecko account (= Sorry if we disturb your privacy
but it was just a quick way to demonstrate the logo contest... If you dont want this asciimation as
yours - just delete it.... 

and DB is right = karabrutto has just added asciimator.net logo to one of your asciimation (and
published it as different animation)

comment by  guest:
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