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A very good day for me!!!
tag list:
18.10.2007 16:59
by  Dragonphase

Congratulations Gecko.jsc... you DEFINATELY deserved to be golden! (karaboz seems to like many of
your brilliant ideas (did you know we registered the same day?))

(I don't normally tell people but this is my worst day (every year, no matter what, this day
has always been my worst (but its noting to do with you becoming golden! i always thought u deserved
it, and you always knew anyway!)))

LOL three ")))"'s
18.10.2007 17:22
by  asiekierka

It sucks i'm still not golden.
18.10.2007 17:27
by  Dragonphase

you wil be soon!
18.10.2007 17:29
by  Dragonphase

one more vote off a moderator and you're golden!
18.10.2007 17:30
by  Dragonphase

(besides, your asciis impress me alot too)
18.10.2007 19:33
by  Bluesboyjr

` , . , . , `
18.10.2007 21:00
by  gecko.jsc

It's a coincidence that I turned golden on my birthday!!! It's like my present from
ASCIImator!!! I'm currently typing this on my new laptop!
18.10.2007 21:08
by  cfive

19.10.2007 05:54
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

let me see...
gecko, asie, Divinity Boy, flup, fire_hurts and rtnario.
19.10.2007 09:20
by  origamiguy

It sucks i'm still not golden."

umm, you are now?
19.10.2007 09:39
by  Dragonphase

lol... ddgc, i don't get ur comment...
19.10.2007 15:16
by  gecko.jsc

YAAY!!! ASIE'S GOLDEN! I still want origamiguy to be golden...
19.10.2007 17:46
by  Dragonphase

we'll give him time...
19.10.2007 17:48
by  Dragonphase

and asie, if you get 6/6, you don't become mod (i dont think)
20.10.2007 07:29
by  asiekierka

But karaboz and brutto choose moderators from golden people.
4 moderators... 6 karma!?!?! That means... if all moderators and karaboz and brutto will give me
karma, i should become one...
20.10.2007 08:08
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

for divinity boy:
gecko is golden.
asie is golden.
flup is golden + a moderator.
you are a moderator.
fire_hurts is a moderator.
rtnario is a moderator.
21.10.2007 08:37
by  rtnario


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