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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
This is not like the Constructivatus Engine. It is easier to handle, and instead of making what you want, it surprises you. All you do is scroll through the PROPERTIERS (Rude, Funny, Smart, ect.) Plus it has a Random Mode button, and makes items at totally random moments. the K?mbo?z is a made up word, by me (Pronounced "Came-Bwoh")
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12.02.2008 17:45
by  Dragonphase

I am also making Gy? (Gwee) which is a mini robot, and does anything you ask (Its like mechanamus,
can transform, but its not identical, and isnt as good as mechanamus (Can only transform into
objects with maximum of 100 letters))
12.02.2008 17:46
by  cfive

So THIS is why Mayor Kravandish's wig is so all-knowing!
12.02.2008 19:20
by  Bluesboyjr

DBoy said "Can only transform into objects with maximum of 100 letters"
So it can transform into "the Universe", but it can't transform into "an
unbelievably miniscule single edible grain of sodium chloride, which many people know as rock salt,
and tastes nice on foodstuffs such as fries (which are known to the people of Britain as chips,
because they are chips of the vegetable known as potato)"?
12.02.2008 23:14
by  guitarking96

i like somdium cloride but if you it clohrine to bad and sodium is bad. its funny because we need
salt to live and its made of two poisunus things. also i like chocolate milk
me gusta la leche da chocolate`
13.02.2008 01:05
by  cfive


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