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Thanks Gecko, this will sell for @1 instead (i made this wicked idea; When someone is in use of items they buy (Karabrutto could update and make the items usable, and we ask them to add more items that are made by ourselves), there is an icon next to your name saying ITEMS, which lets you see the items you posess... you have 3 or more options for each item, the first 2 being Use and throw away, and sell. Constructivatus engine could make random things, each being more uncommon depending on the engine version! there are unlimited versions of everything (except rare items that we ask Karabrutto), and hen you buy the @ goes to the creator of the item. so we can do more or less what we want with items!

Bit like this:


Constructivatus Engine
[make random object]


{Sell (@15)}

Voila, Presto, the first Theory of ASCIImator.net's "Item Using"

On main page there could be a bar under the main title where we view authors and all, it could say "View your items".

Waddya think?
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02.02.2008 21:05
by  Dragonphase

Not "View your items",  mean "Buy items", and it could have sections on site to
buy items

03.02.2008 19:47
by  Bluesboyjr

Not only does this sound too Runescapey, it now also sounds too Pokemony.
04.02.2008 00:02
by  cfive

Well, the Superbowl's begun and Chuck Norris has already won it!
05.02.2008 03:19
by  fire_hurts

I would believe it since he can watch "60 Minutes" in 45.

comment by  guest:
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