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I didnt put Divinity Boy because it was too hard and would take too long..
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14.10.2007 10:41
by  Dragonphase

hmm needs fixing
14.10.2007 10:51
by  Dragonphase

why does it take so long to make fixes?
14.10.2007 14:53
by  rtnario

Kinda too flashy, but great nonetheless ^^
14.10.2007 14:56
by  Bluesboyjr

Either slow it down or get rid of the flash. Or don't do anything. See if I care.
15.10.2007 16:13
by  Dragonphase

nah, the flash represents my power over lightning in a sort of way (don't blame me if you have
15.10.2007 16:19
by  Ponky

gggggggyykkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkl.. (that was me slurring on the keyboard while i had an attack.. no im
not epileptic..)
15.10.2007 17:55
by  Dragonphase

go here:


to see my new Cliff Video (its a remake of my first "Tha Cliff 3" (tributed to
xefpatterson (master Flash MX animator)))!!!

BTW this is only the TRAILER!!! Theres going to be more to it! (theres going to be blood too, and

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