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Noitce the word play with space invador.. avoider.. And by the way the names such as rubble and asteriod at the bottom simply mean how fast the objects can move.. such as Asteroid x2 means that asteroids can move 2 places a frame max.. and the score is recorded at the bottem.. so if you keep all lives.. (very hard) you will have 219 at the end.. although i doubt you will since it is extremely hard.. i am planning to make more levels soon although dont get angry if i do not have time to.. and i also have other asciimations to do..! Post your score if you wish but if you havent done to well dont worry.. i havent maxed the score yet.. :D

I have resposted this as open source so everbody can add custom levels, thanks for the idea Tyr, looking forward to see how it progresses :P
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03.06.2009 22:02
by  IAmTheScoutHere

219! :)
03.06.2009 22:04
by  Ponky

Awesomes :P I should make more levels

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