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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Well, you've read the instructions, i'm happy to edit in your character although you may do it yourself and make changes. Please do NOT take the credit for it, this is not so i can ask you put *Ponky made this* on your description for bragging rights but because it really annoys me when people take my stuff!
Just in case you where wondering, the box at the bottom says Ammo : 01 - Life : 100 and then Points..
Enjoy :P!
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18.12.2008 18:20
by  RicheyRich

good one
18.12.2008 19:23
by  Bluesboyjr

I'm not very good at this game. I keep trying to get a headshot, but I keep hitting your damn
18.12.2008 19:33
by  Ponky

well.. you just gotta practice.. as they say on that babel fish website when you translate
"practice makes perfect" back and forward from chinese simp to english "The practice
causes the consummation"
25.10.2009 17:13
by  Bionicbeetle

W00t, shoot to click!
07.05.2010 17:45
by  Ratfink

I shot my mouse with a shotgun while the cursor was hovering over the animation, but it didn't
start it.  Why is this?  It said "shoot to click"!
17.05.2010 21:58
by  Ponky

I see what you did thar! I got my words mixed up sorry, it isn't a true click to shoot anyway
since It does everything automatically after the intro screen.
18.05.2010 16:52
by  Credit

You have SPOILED it :(
05.04.2011 18:01
by  AweAndWonder

If it does it anyway, then shoot to click is a LIE!  <gasp!>  Or else your ASCIImation
isn't talking to me... *awkward moment*
05.04.2011 18:02
by  AweAndWonder

Wait... "shoot to click" ???
Does that mean I need a gun in order to use my mouse??? O.o
29.07.2011 13:17
by  sepehrnoor

No you need a rocket launcher.

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