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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
The trailer for a collaboration. That is, it will be a collaboration if you guys want to join. Otherwise, it won't exist.
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11.04.2010 07:13
by  Gameinsky

hey, looks fun, and one might kill someone with a car, then the other blows up the car etc. :D
11.04.2010 15:23
by  Ascimator

So what about Int. 13?
You CAN`T end it. We have Neon-J.
11.04.2010 16:53
by  Ratfink

Well, I was going to keep it a secret, but I think I might continue Intelligence in the form of an
RPG.  So it's just the series that ended; the story goes on.
13.04.2010 18:37
by  Gameinsky

Could you please put a little demo in this ?
Just 10 seconds, not more :D
13.04.2010 22:06
by  Ratfink

I will soon, but the computer I'm using now doesn't seem to like ASCIImator much.
14.04.2010 07:27
by  Gameinsky

That bug you mean ?

/ \


Use chrome or firefox.
14.04.2010 07:29
by  Gameinsky

Lol, I got down to write that message and when I was back up I just saw "here Olivier"
14.04.2010 16:19
by  Ratfink

I use Firefox.  The bug is actually that some characters are a bit wider than others.  AFAIK,
ASCIImator is the only place it happens.
14.04.2010 16:20
by  Ratfink

And the demo isn't done yet, I just had to stop last night because it was getting late.
15.04.2010 01:55
by  Ratfink

I suppose this could be the track, or something like it.

 F-__  _/   \
     ""      )
  _---.     /
 /     '-.-'

I guess it's one animation per spot on the track, so it'll have a winner if someone's
alive by 38 animations.
15.04.2010 08:44
by  Gameinsky

Nice trailer, I am ready, can't wait :D

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