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The moment you've ALL been waiting for!
Rules the same as in others, the new rules are in the animation. Smoosh!
tag list: asciimator battle twister
In favorites of: MyO
07.12.2009 15:50
by  Gameinsky

really, you were suppossed to kill me, just make that wall fall of me, ok ?
07.12.2009 20:04
by  Ratfink

Ack, I forgot that I'm supposed to kill the last guy!  Well, what now, I've already made
it.  Do I remove it or change it or what?
08.12.2009 12:06
by  Gameinsky

You add a slight part where you kill me.
08.12.2009 12:08
by  Gameinsky

Oh and gratz with your phineas&ferb reference :D
09.12.2009 01:01
by  Ratfink

Wait, what reference?  I didn't purposely reference anything in this except your previous
animation (well, and Portal, 'cause of the cake thing).
09.12.2009 01:17
by  Ratfink

Okay, I killed you, sorry for the delay.

09.12.2009 09:34
by  Gameinsky

"O, there you are perry!"
09.12.2009 09:35
by  Gameinsky

Someone else can go now.

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