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if you suffer from epilepsy, DO NOT WATCH THIS!!
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07.11.2007 17:55
by  origamiguy

the red/blue idea was from the banned pokemon episode 'electric soldier porygon', which
gave 700 japanese kids seizures. can be watched here http://tinyurl.com/2nv7l5
07.11.2007 22:07
by  cfive

Weren't some of them rushed to the Emergency room? And didn't one die??? O MY G! THIS IS
LIKE THE THENR.NET OF EPILEPSY!!!!!!one1!omgone!lol1!
07.11.2007 22:35
by  brutto

Doctor Ori, i feel smth in my head watching it...
Something zooooombiiiiing.... agrrrrr xDDD
17.11.2007 04:28
by  Tyr

wow, I was like frozen for a minute staring at that nice, its a good thing I dont have epilepsy but
that was crazy there.
22.03.2010 01:00
by  Ratfink

It kinda makes me feel like I'm about to throw up.  So because of that, 5/5.
22.03.2010 04:27
by  Credit

Umm, i failed to read the text before it disappeared, do i count?

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