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Well, I thought I needed to say something instead of just disappearing.
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13.07.2009 08:54
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I actually have a minecraft server I run with someone else.


Look for "Moderated Sandbox - New Map".
It opens @ 10:00 AM Hawaii Standard time (you calculate timezones).
14.08.2009 21:27
by  Bluesboyjr

14.08.2009 21:29
by  Bluesboyjr

What does AFK mean anyway? I'm not in with the interweb lingos.
14.08.2009 21:30
by  Gameinsky

Away from keyboard, hmm cool , the golden asciimators are coming one by one back :D
14.08.2009 21:31
by  Bluesboyjr

Although we didn't always get along, it saddens me to see him leave.

It's like the Asciimator I grew up with is crumbling away around me.
14.08.2009 23:34
by  origamiguy

wait, you were crazyhobo all along?!?!?!?

how could you???
18.08.2009 08:47
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I'm back for two minutes. Color is spelled c-o-l-o-r. I might keep track of this ascii,
18.08.2009 09:03
by  Gameinsky

you said 'forever'
But why do you go afk ?

btw 'c-o-l-o-r' is spelled colour, color is american-ish english.
24.08.2009 13:26
by  Dragonphase

He will be back some day...
24.08.2009 13:28
by  Dragonphase

It's like when i left for a while... i left because i had other things to move on to... but i
didn't change my name.

He probably stops by now and then and i'm sure he was notified of the comments posted here.
23.10.2009 00:43
by  guitarking96

*breaks down and cries* 
I finally know what ddgc is....and I'm not happy :(
04.04.2010 10:03
by  Gameinsky

ddgc tortured more than the guys in his device :O
07.07.2011 21:59
by  CTDS3

oh my god i now dont want to tortutre!!hime!
06.01.2012 22:17
by  Zeus guy

Can't someone ban this guy or something?
(Yes, I'm talking about Cubix)
07.01.2012 10:21
by  Gameinsky

I can't.
07.01.2012 13:36
by  Zeus guy

I know, but... 
That guy is annoying.
07.01.2012 17:46
by  CTDS3

not in front of your smile :-)
13.12.2012 18:48
by  Neon-J

"It's like the Asciimator I grew up with is crumbling away around me."

.. Heh, it's like a whole new site now.
14.12.2012 11:12
by  Gameinsky

Feels more like a deserted alley now.

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