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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
AsciiCafe! The land where everyone can meet with each other, create stuff in it, and do stuff!

1. The version is: #A.sB. A is the main number, B means the subversion number.
2. After 700-800 or so frames, we do a new asciimation, containing only the last frame of the latest version of AsciiCafe, and new stuff
3. Content is rated PG or PG13. Preferably the former.
4. I'll think of more rules... later.
tag list:
21.06.2008 22:01
by  doomstrawberry

thanks for landing on my ashes lol
22.06.2008 03:49
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Everyone else disappeared.
And where else to land?
22.06.2008 11:22
by  Neon-J

I didn't.
I ran away.
22.06.2008 11:23
by  Neon-J

Oh YAY! I'm finally allowed to comment!
23.06.2008 07:46
by  asiekierka

Oh god, you're doing it ALL WRONG :(

The numbering.

it should be #7.s1!

#1.s7 means "Seventh Subversion of AsciiCafe no. 1"
#7.s1 means "First Subversion of AsciiCafe no. 7"

And i'm reserving #8.s1!
23.06.2008 07:47
by  asiekierka

Subversion means, if you're doing the eight ASCIIcafe, and when you're uploading, somebody
else did it already, you change #8.s1 to #8.s2! Then we have 2 branches!

So the format is: #(number).s(branch).
24.06.2008 16:46
by  cfive

I think you mean sub-version. =D

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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