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This actually happened to me.
*Will make more if you state problems here*
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19.06.2007 08:20
by  brutto

thats rather good notice! xD
19.06.2007 14:11
by  fire_hurts

loling at qwerty

nice job =)
19.06.2007 21:12
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

qwerty isn't my password.  I took a look of the 10 most
commonly used passwords like
password1,myspace1,abc123,(your name),etc. and chose that
17.07.2007 07:26
by  Ponky

WOW.. :O
22.09.2007 05:55
by  Anachronism

Hahaha. So freakign true. And if you somehow manage to close it, it just reappears a few seconds
22.09.2007 06:40
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Why do I leave this OS?
22.09.2007 06:44
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Please could someone tell me how to stop this.
And the fact that firefox "updates" every time I go online.
05.09.2008 14:45
by  origamiguy

firefox ftw
12.09.2009 22:41
by  gecko.jsc

Yup, that's happened to me countless times, and still does. >:(
20.04.2011 11:08
by  AweAndWonder

Set your Windows update to manual, assuming you have XP.  Go to control panel, then Automatic
Update, then click "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them" or
"Download updates but don't automatically install them"  Sure, this will require you
to approve every download or installation, but at least it won't install without your
permission.  It is annoying though, when a popup comes up every 15 minutes reminding you that your
installation won't be in effect until you restart.

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