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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
A symbol weaponry made for counterattacking various foes or obstackles.
This stickman-operated version of the basic A Sci Symbol Sentry may attack with various tricks.

Used modules:
Symbolchain gun [MyO]
Binary gun (ROTWOOT type, mixes symbols) (lowered power) [MyO]
DX-Laser Gun (Disintergrates any inanimate obstacle) [iWolf (Divinity Boy)]
Arrow/bow gun [Gameinsky(Olivier)]
Sonic gun [AsCiMaToR]
Advertisements [MyO]

Collab! ;)
You may contribute to the gun creation by editing this module gun file and creating new modules.

do not attack Pizoo, Ducks or Clouds,
preserve the stickmanned gun
and mark the name of the module after adding (with your nick).
Also, preserve editors' nicks with the modules
and edit file version number in the filename.
tag list:
In favorites of: Bionicbeetle

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