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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

1. No story line whatsoever. No talking; no narrating.

2. Words, numbers, stick figures, etc. may be allowed only when they are used for aesthetic purposes (for cool-looking effects... or secret messages) --but not to create a story.

3. Have some sort of balance. In other words, don't do most of your animating in a tiny square. It can symmetrical but doesn't have to be . Also, make sure to use multiple frames when appropriate.

4. Additions must flow smoothly with previous entries. This is part of the challenge.

5. Save as open source and tag the video "The Abstract Challenge"

6. Don't edit previous entries, change the frame-rate (20 ms per frame), etc.

7. Be original. :) The more creative, the better.
tag list: the abstract challenge
01.04.2012 16:29
by  AweAndWonder

It's okay for a first try, but it could have flowed more smoothly.  And instead of adding or
removing things, try moving things around.  Movement is what really makes each contribution shine. 
And be sure not to overuse color changing.

Anyway, thanks for contributing.
14.04.2012 22:22
by  AweAndWonder

Hey guys, do you think we should keep this contribution or not?  I'm kind of torn here.

I say we vote on this.
14.04.2012 23:40
by  Gameinsky

Well, it's not too bad, I personally wouldn't mind if it were in it or not.
14.04.2012 23:46
by  sepehrnoor

It's incomplete. It just doesn't look right.
Maybe he can remake it, properly this time
15.04.2012 06:26
by  AweAndWonder

Yeah, it could be worse.
Yeah, it does look kinda incomplete.  That's what I was thinking, except I'm not sure he
even reads the comments.  Or cares.
15.04.2012 09:24
by  Gameinsky

but the person that goes after him can "complete" it.
15.04.2012 11:05
by  AweAndWonder

Well, by incomplete, I don't really mean short.  Just kind of like he threw it together real

But you're right; the next person can make up for its shortcomings and in the end the whole
thing will look cool anyway.
15.04.2012 21:00
by  sepehrnoor

How about the next person continues from 9?
This just looks not good at all...
17.04.2012 19:58
by  AweAndWonder

Alright.  Fun fact: This is 1 of 16 ASCIImations made on one day by the same user... on April Fools
19.04.2012 17:59
by  sepehrnoor

Never actually noticed that...
1st April...

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