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Reload and fire on an AR-15
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31.01.2012 23:18
by  CTDS3

|=[ =D =D =D

01.02.2012 08:32
by  kelleroid

Looks more like a mix between USAS-12, MK3A1 and G36 than an AR-15...

Also the magazine should be lined up with the ejector port. I think. Yeah...

ASCII isn't only slashes and straight lines.
01.02.2012 13:19
by  Gameinsky

it's a great first ASCII thought :)
01.02.2012 14:59
by  sepehrnoor

The ASCII used in stuff that are geometric in real life IS mostly slashes and straight lines, or
else they would lose their geometric look.
02.02.2012 12:32
by  kelleroid

Wtf is even a "geometric look"?

There's almost nothing perfectly straight in this world.
02.02.2012 15:39
by  sepehrnoor

Take salt crystals, for instance.
Also, come on! This is an ASCII art about a weapon, and it's someone's first ASCIImation.
Also, weapons ARE kinda squarish.
Now, try to remake this WITHOUT much slashes and straight lines. I really want to know how it would
02.02.2012 21:27
by  AweAndWonder

5/5 :)
03.02.2012 06:40
by  GOLDEN_C1uTch

Honestly i know im not that great at making ASCII but this is really just cause i was bored at
school so i made this
03.02.2012 06:48
by  GOLDEN_C1uTch

Ur righ kelleroid it does look alot more like a USAS-12 than an AR-15 but keep in mind i made this
on an iphone

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